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Winter in Jostedalen.

Jostedal is truly a magical place to spend some time in the winter. You can book us for a day trip or two but whether you come with us skiing or not Jostedalen is too good not to share! Here are some things you can do, don't forget to come and say hi!



Breheimsenteret, The Breheim national park centre, offers guided snowshoeing hikes throughout the winter. It involves navigating through the landscape created by the retreating Nigardsbreen glacier! On the hike you will stop for a cosy campfire enjoying views of Nigardsbreen and Jostedalens mountain scenery.  we collaborate with them on their Jostedalen getaway weekends.

Check them out here 


Visit the Ice cave

With the guys from Icecave in Jostedalen, you can visit Nigardsbreen up close and personal in wintertime. Use snowshoes, hiking shoes or skis. You get to see the blue ice majesty of this impressive glacier in the flesh. It has slowly but surely crept, cracked and Calved its way down from the Jostedalsbreen glacial plateau. This up-close in itself is awe-inspiring however the aim of the tour is to find and enter a safe icy blue glacial cave! Due to the fact it's nature, you never know what cave you are going to find but that is part of the adventure! 

You can find out more and contact them here

Jostedal Hotel

Jostedal hotel is the perfect place to rest up after a long day of adventuring. They are a historically family-owned and run establishment renowned for their delicious homemade, local and traditional cuisine. with a spacious bar and a variety of soft and alcoholic beverages, it is a great spot just to have a drink and a burger and watch the sunset. with a wide selection of comfortable single and double rooms, it is the perfect place to stay for the week and enjoy Jostedalen in its entirety.

More information here!

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