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About us

Jostedal ski was born out of the simple passion for Backcountry Skiing, It was created to change up the norm of a Skiing holiday. Creating a way for resort Skiers to take the next step and start back-country skiing within a Fun and social  environment.

We aren't just about dragging you to the top of a mountain, with views that make a great instagram photo, then drag you back down again dangerously out of your comfort zone. 

We want to create an environment that pushes you just enough to grasp the the thrill, enjoyment and achievement of back country ski touring.

You will go home at the end of the week feeling fitter, better and more knowledgeable ski tourer. with all the skills to explore the snow with your new like minded friends you made on the ski camp

Jack Campion, Jostedal Ski

Who are we?

Jack Campion

Jack is originally from England, But he moved to Norway to get away from the crowds and partake in the good stuff! Skiing By winter and Kayaking all summer!

Jack is an avid back country skiing enthusiast as well as an all round outdoorsman. He has spent over a decade working within adventure sports coaching and guiding. 

Having fallen in love with Jostedalen and seeing the immense potential for skiing, he decided to start Jostedal ski. 

It was born out of the passion Jack has for skiing and Jostedalen. Most importantly its the look on someones face when they have just done their first powder turns, or made it to the top of their first summit on skis!  

When on the mountain with Jack you will be provided with an endless stream of energy, positivity. This teamed up with a wealth of coaching knowledge and some catchy songs to keep you moving up hill, are the ingredients to a great week!

Why Jostedalen?

Jostedalen is a hidden gem within the skiing world, It has a unique climate because of the fact that it lies nestled underneath the biggest ice cap on continental Europe, Jostedalsbreen.


It has an above average snow fall as well as incredible ski terrain, from deep powder tree skiing to big mountain faces. There is also a number of high access carparks so a snow sure ski season is guaranteed.


There are slopes for all abilities, from easy beginner bowls to still undescended steep couloirs and everything in-between! This makes it easy to create a perfect environment to learn, progress and challenge our customers and ourselves as well!

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