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We provide both self catered small and large cabin accommodation as well as all inclusive hotel. 

food packages for cabins are also available.

Food served at the hotel is a mix of local traditional food as well as some western classics such as hearty burgers and pizza. 
There is a well stocked local convenience store in the village with plenty of cooking options as well as supermarkets located 30 mins down the valley.



Due to the nature of ski touring we advise that you invest in good quality touring boots and skis, having your own pair will really allow you to develop on equipment you can become familiar with. touring boots are much like having your own pair of hiking boots, if you get them fitted to you properly then they become an extension of your foot and make for easy and comfortable uphill movement.

That being said we can also source hire skis and boots if necessary

we will send out a full kit list when you book onto a ski camp.

Getting here

As this is not a resort holiday, it is a little bit harder to get here, its part of the magic of the valley!

If you aren't driving to us, We offer a transfer service from SOGNDAL

Sogndal airport is our closest however flights from here in the winter are limited but you can fly domestically from Oslo or bergen to here.


Bergen airport is the easiest option to get cheap flights, and be within a reasonable distance to Jostedalen.

Car hire is available at the airport.

You can get a train from bergen to Voss and then a bus to Sogndal with a travel time of 4.30 hours, Joint train and bus information and booking can be found here

For one or both of your journey legs you could take the Speedferry to Sogndal. This will take you along some of the beautiful western coastline of Norway, before taking you almost all the way up, Norway's longest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord. Ferry info here.


Oslo Airport is normally the cheapest option for flights however it is the longest travel time, 6 hours in a hire car or 7 in a bus. it is however a great way to see Southern and western Norway in beautiful winter conditions. Some of the higher roads you have to drive on can be closed in snow storms.

bus information Here

By car 

If you want to drive here thats great, the less flights the better for the environment and our snow conditions in turn! On the day of check in we will meet you at Jostedal hotel.

Address: Jostedalsvegen 3055, 6871, Jostedal

Please be aware of Norwegian road conditions before you set off on your journey and plan your route accordingly, and bring winter driving essentials. remember winter tyres are a legal requirement for winter driving in Norway.



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